Preparing for the smallest of things can make the biggest difference to your stress levels when you move house. 
Here are our top tips: 
Clear the clutter! 
Having a really good clear out of clutter not only helps you think clearly (tidy house, tidy mind,) it also means you have less to pack, and more importantly your house looks more attractive to buyers. 
Kerb Appeal. 
First impressions count and that starts when people viewing your home pull up outside. Weed your driveway, brush your driveway and the small bit of kerb at the end, and tidy up the garden. A couple of potted plants and/or a hanging basket could make all the difference. It gives a great first impression and puts viewers in the right frame of mind. 
Reality Check. 
Check out what mortgages you are entitled to and realistically what you can afford. There is no point in going to view a house that you have no idea of whether you can afford it or not. It will kill your dreams and leave you dis-heartened. Check first, then view properties within your price range so you don't stretch yourself. 
Also, shop around for mortgages. A mortgage is a huge contract you are entering into. You may have been with your bank for a while but it doesn't mean you are getting the best rate. You could save £1,000s if you get the right product. 
Stamp Duty. 
Before you view the house of your dreams, check out the stamp duty and what legal fees you are going to have to pay. This will have an impact on the funding you require. 
Survey - V - Valuation. 
Don't skimp on this. Our advice is to get a proper survey done. It will provide you with everything you need to know including structural damage, tree roots near or under the property that may need attending to, damp, foundations, electrics, and a whole host of other things that may be hidden when you view the property. At least you will know what you are dealing with. A valuation is more for bank purposes so they are satisfied they are lending against a property, which is worth what the agents say it is. 
Don't Pack Last Minute. 
You might be a last minute person, but start packing as soon as possible, ideally when you have an offer on the table that you have accepted. The number of people who leave this until the last week, then they realise they don't have any boxes, is surprising. Boxes take time to deliver, and looking at a full house the week before you move is daunting. When you pack your boxes, do it room by room and label the boxes. This means either you or the removal men know exactly where the boxes are going in your new home. 
Re-Direct Your Mail. 
The easiest way to do this is to type a standard letter and print off copies. Leave the address and reference/policy section blank. Then, before you pack all your financial documents away, pull each one out, and hand write the policy number on the address section of your standard letter and envelope. That way you will have a bunch of envelopes literally ready to put in the post box the day of completion. If you pack all your financial papers away without doing this, your change of address task is likely to get left and it just becomes one of things you may eventually get round to. 
Not only that, but you really don't want financial statements with policy numbers on going to your old address where the new owners live. Think .... security and fraud prevention and don't believe it will never happen to you. 
Survival Kits 
You may not be climbing Everest but moving house is a monumental task, particularly when you have children. Pack a survival kit for each person so if you end up moving late in the day, you don't have to unpack boxes. 
Pyjamas, sleeping bags or bedding, toilet roll, toothbrushes, toothpaste, kettle, mugs, tea, coffee, and biscuits will do. 
Meter Readings 
On the day of completion, set the time and date on your phone photo function and take a photo of all your meters. Both in the house you are selling, and the one you are buying. That way the meter reading is date and time stamped and you have photographic evidence to send to the utility companies. Dealing with meter reading discrepancies with your vendors and buyers can be lengthy and frustrating. 
Remember your driving licence. Your licence needs to have your up to date address on it or you could get fined. So remember to notify the DVLA. 
Within our conveyancing service we offer a free Will review. We will check it's valid and up to date for you, nothing may need doing, but it's best to check. 
If you need any help or assistance please call us on 01772 782 399, we are happy to help. 
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